Read About Steel Barriers to Direct Traffic and Manage Roadways

Event planning is oftentimes a massive undertaking due to the attention to detail needed to ensure everything goes smoothly. The event venue, entertainment, concessions, and labor are all primary concerns, but traffic should never be overlooked. The larger the event, the more important it is that crowd control measures are in place. Whether it’s parking, getting into the event, or leaving, vehicles and pedestrians must know exactly where to go.


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The Benefits of Steel Traffic Barriers

While employees can be used to help direct lost pedestrians, a combination of steel traffic barriers, reflective barriers, and barricade covers should be utilized to eliminate potential issues. Steel traffic barriers are especially useful because they define boundaries and make paths obvious for visitors, whether in a vehicle or on foot.

The interlocking design of steel barriers makes them extremely simple to set up, and the lightweight frame makes it easy to transport or remove barriers at a moment’s notice. If the event takes place – or ends – at night, reflective barriers can be used to make the correct path stand out when hit by a car’s headlights.

Barricade covers are also ideal for ensuring traffic knows where to go. These solid color covers are easily noticed, and hook and loop signs can be used to easily attach and change messages throughout the event. The easier it is for crowds and vehicles to navigate throughout the event, the less likely it is an accident will occur.

When More Protection is Necessary

As sturdy as steel traffic barriers are, they should never be expected to stop vehicles on impact. If your event is in need of some extra protection, especially when it comes to directing or restricting the flow of vehicles, plastic jersey barriers are essential. These large, water-filled barriers are much heavier and harder to move than steel traffic barriers.

In some cases, event coordinators can make use of a combination of steel traffic barriers and plastic jersey barriers. The added protection of the water-filled barriers is always a plus, but the mobility of steel barriers is almost always necessary.

Crowd control is essential to the success of an event. Whether barriers are used to restrict access, direct the flow of traffic, or contain the crowd, there’s no question that they are necessary. During the event planning process, consider where steel barriers and plastic jersey barriers can be best utilized. Reflective barriers and barricade covers should also be used as much as possible.

Looking for another solution for controlling traffic patterns? Go to our Plastic Jersey Barrier division website to learn more about plastic, water-filled barriers to direct traffic.

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