Grab Attention with Painted Steel Barriers


Move beyond silver, and make your steel barriers an attractive part of your site. Color brings a touch of sophistication and class to these practical crowd control barricades.

Add more color to your venue or event with painted crowd control barriers. Enliven space with vibrant color that can match your décor or theme. Get the same crowd management utility with a more aesthetically pleasing barricade option.

Imagine your venue with colorful crowd control barriers complementing your event theme.

Standard galvanized crowd control barrier variations are used at every large event to help manage traffic flow and keep your attendees safe and organized.

Paying attention to the small details of your event such as matching your barricade colors to venue decor can go a long way in making a big impression to your attendees.


Painted Steel Barriers

Painted Steel Barriers are an ideal product to improve overall attendee safety while adding a touch of color to your event’s decor.

Color Painted Barriers - Crowd Control

Popular applications for our painted crowd control barriers include:

  • Parks and Recreation
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Stadiums & Arenas
  • Rental Companies

SAMPLE applications for powder-coated and painted steel barriers

Red Painted Barriers

Red painted barriers with laser engraved signage for the Las Vegas Convention Center.

White Crowd Control Barriers For Parades

The Veteran’s Day Parade in Palm Springs, California, used Blockader white Crowd Control Barriers to eliminate pinch points along the parade route.

Blue Painted Barriers

Blue painted barriers at the entrance to the United Nations Visitor Centre in New York.


  • Barriers in the “safety orange” color are used to visually convey a restricted area. Their color coordinates with the color of traffic cones and other traffic safety products.
  • Black barriers are used at sites where barriers need to be visually unobtrusive and blend into the background.
  • Barriers in bright colors (such as red, yellow, light blue) are used in situations where they can match the colors of a team or event.
  • Green barriers are used at golf courses and golf tournaments.
  • Powder-coated barriers are often used at outdoor arts festivals.
  • Powder-coated barriers are also sometimes used on streets or sidewalks, to stand out from the grey color of the ground.
  • Painted barriers are extremely versatile and offer many of our rental company customers a unique opportunity to add value to their line of rental products. There are instances where offering an alternate color will not only guarantee the rental but also a higher dollar value.


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