Transport and Store Temporary Fence Panels

, Self-Contained Pallets
, Self-Contained Pallets
Pallets enable safe and easy moving of fence panels by forklift onto trucks.
, Self-Contained Pallets
Pallets include removable hardware basket which includes all bases, clamps, bolts.

With perimeter patrol welded wire panel pallets, you can load – and unload – 210 feet of temporary fence panels in minutes! Panels are easily handled by one employee.

  • Pallets eliminate the need to transport fence panels individually
  • Each pallet holds 28 fence panels – 210 linear feet of temporary fence
  • A forklift can lift a pallet onto a flatbed or pick-up truck, resulting in safe, easy loading and moving of panels and parts to and from the job site

Pallets allow easy access to fence panels for loading and unloading

  • Pallets are designed for lifting on all four sides, enabling side loading on flatbeds
  • Complete pallet set includes all necessary bases, panel clamps, and bolts
  • Pallet dimensions: 42” wide x 90” long x 80” high
  • Removable hardware basket included
  • Saves space on site or in storage

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