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If you have steel barriers which are not being used because of damaged bases, our interchangeable replacement bases can put those barriers back to work for you.

Bridge Base - Steel Barriers


  • The most popular base style since steel barriers were invented
  • Provides best resistance to “push” by crowds at events such as parades
  • Maximum stability on uneven surfaces
  • Each individual barrier has one large base and one small base
  • This allows all four points of the base to “dig in” and remain in constant contact with the ground
  • Accommodates placement of barriers in both a straight line and at various angles
Bridge Base - Steel Barriers


  • Second most popular base style
  • Ideal for use as portable pedestrian railing in situations where crowds will be walking parallel to barriers
  • Used by New York City Department of Transportation to divert pedestrians around construction sites
  • Rubber inserts provide additional friction and reduce sliding
  • Features holes for semi-permanent anchoring
Bridge Base - Steel Barriers


  • A new design similar to the traditional bridge base
  • Provides excellent four-point stability
  • Originally utilized by France’s Interior Department
  • Rubber stoppers help protect the floor during indoor use and reduce sliding
Bridge Base - Steel Barriers

Wheel Base

  • Makes barriers easier to move
  • Ideal for areas where constant lifting or moving occurs (such as parking lots)
Bridge Base - Steel Barriers


  • Available for use as an alternative to a base on the female end of a barrier
  • Standard on the female end of 1-meter barriers
  • Allow barriers to be placed at angles (particularly when flat bases are utilized

Looking for replacement bases?

Blockader bases have been the industry standard for 25 years. The base styles described above are in-stock and will result in a proper fit for almost all existing styles of barriers.

However, there are some discontinued frame variations which may not accommodate the standard base styles. In most cases, we can deliver a workable replacement base to you. If you have any questions about obtaining bases for so-called “orphan” barriers, contact us.

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