Welded Wire Panel Temporary Fence Advantages

Easy Setup Security Fencing

Attractive and Sturdy Welded Wire Temporary Fence Panels

  • Temporary fence panels are 7.5 feet (length) x 6 feet (height)
  • 37 pounds for each security fence panel
  • Easy to handle, set-up, transport
  • 2-inch by 4-inch welded wire mesh
  • Galvanized after welding
  • Inside diameter, weld ensures no edges to get hung up while loading, unloading, handling
Welded Wire Temporary Fence Panels, Perimeter Patrol Temporary Fence Advantages

Welded Wire Temporary Fence Panels are an ideal solution for a variety of perimeter security applications. Construction fencing is a common application but the panels are also popularly used as outfield fencing for ballparks.

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