Blockader Ensures You Save on Shipping!

The Blockader Advantage

  • We specialize in truckload shipments of barriers
  • Your order will arrive safely and securely
  • Shipments are timely and cost-effective


Experience Equals Efficiency

With more than 20 years of experience in shipping barricades and related products, Blockader has the industry’s highest degree of knowledge about safe, fast, and cost-effective shipping practices – and that knowledge is shared with our customers.

By continually refining our shipping and packing processes every year, we have significantly reduced the amount of product damage during transit, and the amount of time from when you place an order to when it is loaded on a truck.


Our Volume, Your Discounts

For full or partial truckloads, Blockader provides the most economical and reliable shipping in North America.

We are a major shipper. Because of our volume, for both full truckloads and partial truckloads, we are able to take advantage of preferred rates from carriers, resulting in savings for you.


As the primary shipper of steel barriers, we utilize three basic shipping methods:

We maximize the use of the truck, you benefit from the savings.

Truckload shipments are used for large quantities (such as 200 barricades) which will fill, or come close to filling, an entire truck. Learn More. Most of our orders go out LTL. LTL carriers specialize in smaller shipments (usually between 100 and
10,000 pounds).

Our 20 years of experience in shipping barricades via LTL enables us to advise and help carriers achieve optimum loading efficiencies – resulting in less damage during shipping. Learn More. Our small package delivery service is used for items which are small (less than 130″ in length and girth combined) and lightweight (less than 150 pounds). We have optimized our packing process so that bases are securely and properly packed for small package handling. Learn More.

Due to the manner steel and plastic barriers are packaged and palletized, a liftgate cannot be used at delivery locations.

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