Perimeter Patrol Welded Wire Panels for Job Site Security

Perimeter Patrol Welded Wire Fence Panels

Welded wire fence panels protect a job site from unauthorized access.

Perimeter Patrol Temporary Fencing Advantages:

  • High Visibility Temporary Fencing Packaged in Self Contained Pallets
  • You Save Time and Labor Costs
  • Wire panels easy to store
  • One man setup
Perimeter Patrol Wire Panels

Perimeter Patrol at a University protects construction supplies

Temporary Fence

Perimeter Patrol at Baseball Part helps section off pedestrian zones

Easy Handling of Temporary Construction FenceEasy to Handle

Weighing only 37 pounds for each security fence panel, and with no sharp edges, these panels are easy on employees’ backs and hands.

Panels are easily handled by one employee.


Welded Mesh Panels Steel Fence Panels

Attractive and sturdy 6 ft. (height) x 7.5 ft. (length) fence panels

  • Long Life-Span: Durable construction can withstand years of abuse in outdoor settings
  • High-Visibility: Bright, reflective colors stand out in day or night
  • Theft-deterrent: Protect your materials; strong, visible fencing reduces the risk of theft

Pallets of Temporary FenceWelded Wire Fence Pallets

Each pallet holds 28 panels of temporary fencing – That’s 210 feet of fencing!

  • Pallets eliminate the need to handle panels individually
  • Easily load a pallet by forklift onto a truck and in minutes 210 feet of security fencing is on its way to the site
  • At the destination, the driver can then easily unload the security fence panels from the pallet
  • This set up takes a fraction of the time of transporting the panels individually