Blockade® Bike Rack Barricades

First introduced by Blockader at the IAAM show in 1994, our square stacking bike rack barricade was designed to counter the weaknesses of other barriers which are now referred to as “economy” stackable frames.

The Blockader stackable crowd control event barrier features wide bases for improved stability, and identical bolt-on replaceable bases at both ends. This innovation eliminated the time-consuming task of lining up all the hooks on the same side when storing or transporting these barriers.

Stackable Bike Rack Barricades

The Advantage of Blockader’s Square Stacking Event Barricades

 Square Stacking Event Barrier

  • Uprights inserted into frame before welding
  • Replaceable structural bases
  • 43 pound standard weight
  • Different hooks in inventory
  • 24″ stable bases


Economy Steel Barrier

  • Spot-welded uprights can snap
  • Welded, deformed bases are not replaceable
  • 36 pound light weight
  • Only one hook style available
  • 18″ or 12″ bases are less stable


stackable barricade specs

Stackable crowd control barriers are ideal for sports arenas, sporting events, or sites that need a bike rack barricade which is quick to deploy and easy to store. Bolt-on bases are easily replaced and various hooking options are available for increased flexibility.

  • Stacks square in both directions
  • Bolt-on, replaceable bases
  • Enables compact storage of event barriers
  • Wide base results in increased stability

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