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Blockader Steel Barriers In Action

Welcome to Our Barricade Gallery

These photos show our crowd control barriers in use at parades, sporting events, retail stores, corporate launch events, construction sites, and public parks. Blockader crowd control barricades have been successfully deployed for crowd management and security across the United States since the 1970s. Event planners, as well as both public and private security management personnel, trust the quality of Blockader’s interlocking steel barriers.

Welcome to our Barricade Gallery, where we bring to life the exceptional versatility and performance of our Blockader Steel Barriers through a collection of vivid and impactful photographs. These captivating images capture the diverse applications of our crowd control barriers, serving as a testament to their unwavering reliability and quality.

Within these photographs, you’ll witness our Blockader crowd control barriers in action at a spectrum of events and locations. From parades that weave through city streets to the vibrant atmosphere of sporting events, these barriers have been strategically deployed to ensure seamless crowd management and heightened security. Their presence extends to retail stores, where they effortlessly guide shoppers and maintain order, as well as corporate launch events that demand precision and safety.

Construction sites, often bustling with activity, find solace in the dependable performance of our Blockader barriers, ensuring that safety remains a top priority. Even the serenity of public parks benefits from the security these barriers provide. For over four decades, event planners, as well as both public and private security management personnel, have entrusted the quality and resilience of Blockader’s interlocking steel barriers.

As you explore our Barricade Gallery, you’ll discover how these barriers seamlessly adapt to various environments and applications, providing the utmost in crowd control, security, and safety. With each image, you’ll witness the legacy of excellence that has made Blockader a trusted choice for crowd management and event security throughout the United States. is a division of the Tamis Corporation.

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