Advantages of Blockader Interlocking Barriers

Both classic and standard steel barriers: Our philosophy is, quality first.

16 gauge steel in both the frames and the bases.

Stronger Steel prevents deterioration and distortion, without adding excess weight to the barrier.

Bolt-on replaceable bases.

Enables easy replacement – simply replace the base of the barrier and not the entire barrier itself.

Male hooks inserted into and welded to the frame at both ends.

Results in hooks which last much longer than single-welded hooks.

Vertical bars (uprights) inserted into frames before welding.

Inserting before welding is a superior technique to spot welding (which results in easier breakage).

Hot-dip galvanizing.

The best protection for steel, resulting in a longer life span for your barriers. Barriers that are merely painted will rust.

Saddle-Cut Welds.

Much stronger than simple spot welding, saddle-cut welding results in superior strength and durability.

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