Reflective Sheeting for Crowd Control Barriers

Reflective sheeting – commonly used on traffic cones – is also an effective way to identify steel barricades.

  • Reflective sheeting is most commonly placed on both ends of a barrier to easily define the barrier’s width
  • Rolls of various widths (from 3″ to 12″) are available
  • High-quality self-adhesive tape (from ReflexiteT and 3MT) is easy to apply
  • Orange and white are most commonly-used tape colors; other colors available
  • By identifying the barrier’s width, reflective sheeting reduces the risk of vehicles angling into a barrier
  • Three different grades of sheeting available – engineer grade, high intensity, and diamond grade

What do you want to convey with your reflective sheeting?

This example shows a barricade with reflective sheeting placed on every upright to create horizontal “lines,” along with sheeting placed liberally at the top and bottom of the frame. You can also use sheeting:

  • at the ends of the barricade to convey its width
  • at the top and bottom to convey the barrier’s height
  • in your own creative way

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