Laser Cut Crowd Control Barrier Identification Brands

Permanent identification for your inventory of crowd control barriers

The most effective inventory control and identification tool

  • Permanent signs, welded to the uprights prior to galvanization, cannot be removed without cutting out two uprights
  • Distinguish your barriers in a more unobtrusive way than larger signs
  • Reduce the odds that your barriers will be lost or “walk away”
  • Ideal for cities in which multiple departments have barrier inventories

Your sign is an integral part of the barricade

  • Back to back plates of steel are welded onto the barrier’s upright prior to galvanizing
  • After galvanizing, the sign appears as a steel plate with recessed lettering
  • Tough, heavy steel cannot be bent or pried off of the barrier

Attractive options

  • Various sizes available
  • Signs can be placed anywhere on the barrier
  • A variety of lettering styles – from simple to sophisticated – is available
  • Laser cut sign orders require a longer lead time, as the signs must be made before the barriers are galvanized.

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