39-inch Mini Barriers for Crowd Control

Small, portable barrier ideal for sidewalks, Small Spaces, and More

1 meter steel barricade - sidewalk barrier
1M Barrier Specifications

Advantages of Mini Barriers

Increased Stability

With the 1-Meter mini barrier, your line of barricades will have more bases on the ground per linear foot than with larger sizes (2 meter, 2.5 meter). Having one base every Meter gives the entire line more stability.

Efficient Storing

With their smaller size and lower weight (approximately 29 pounds), 1-Meter barricades are easier for personnel to move, and allow for more compact, organized storage. Additionally, they can easily fit into small pickup trucks, helping to lessen any transportation/logistical problems.

“Fill in” for smaller spaces

Need to block off space under 6-feet? In places where a larger barrier won’t “fit”, the 1-Meter size can save the day. Even when utilizing wider barriers, 1-meter barricades will often come in handy as “fill-ins” for the ends of the line.


Although barricades of any width can be used to counter-brace (by connecting at a right angle) continuous lines, the 1-Meter mini barrier is most commonly used to create a “no man” zone to prevent trespassing.

Painted 1-Meter Barriers

For upscale settings where crowd or line management is needed, painted barriers help to set the right tone, mixing an engaging look with functional security.

Learn more about painted barriers

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