Standard Lightweight Steel Barricades by Blockader

Lightweight and easily portable crowd control barriers.
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Standard Lightweight Crowd Control Barriers


Blockader Standard crowd control barriers offer superior quality crowd control at a lower price-point than the typical steel barricade.  These lightweight barriers are a more affordable option but are still backed by the Blockader standard of quality and service.



New! Dual-Advantage Center Steel Sign Panel


  • The steel panel, welded to the frame prior to hot-dip galvanizing, can be used for your sign or decal
  • The steel bar welded to the bottom of the sign panel becomes a carrying handle. It is rounded so it will not pinch or cut your fingers.
  • Identify ownership of barriers, and reduce the risk of theft or accidental retrieval.
  • Inexpensive way to brand your inventory. 
steel barriers b hook
Decal on steel barrier
Crowd control barrier with decal
Decal on steel barrier
Crowd control barrier with decal
Decal on steel barrier
Crowd control barrier with decal

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Competitor Deficiencies:

Here’s what you risk when you buy a so-called “economy” barrier from someone other than Blockader:

  • Not compatible with other barricades, resulting in orphans
  • Simple, inferior hook systems (sometimes only one hook) which prevent true interlocks
  • Spot welded uprights much weaker and susceptible to breaking
  • Non-standard sizes (lengths or heights)
  • Prone to corrode or rust
  • Thinner, weaker uprights

Standard Blockader Crowd Control Barriers:

Top quality welding, galvanizing, and interlocking capability at the same price

The competition:

Corner-cutting resulting in weak products, short-life cycle products and non-compatible products

The Standard Blockader Crowd Control Barrier Advantages:

  • Standard 6.5 foot length
  • Compatibility with Classic Blockader crowd control barriers – all hooks will align
  • Uprights are fully inserted into the frame before welding
  • Hook system results in true interlocking barriers, maintaining the integrity of your lines
  • Welded sign panel at center of barricade, which also acts as carrying handle
  • Barriers are hot dip galvanized for maximum corrosion protection
  • Choice of two styles of bolt-on replaceable bases – bridge bases and flat bases
Carrying Crowd Control Barrier
Blockader Crowd Control Barricades
Crowd control barriers
Standard Barrier Specifications

Blockader Quality at Affordable Pricing

Because of our high-volume production, you’ll receive a vastly superior product, at a friendlier price, compared to the “economy barrier” copies seen on nebulous websites.

Meeting the demand

Standard Blockader Crowd Control Barriers were developed to provide a low-priced solution for the many events and venues needing a solid quality barrier to provide line delineation or separation of pedestrians/visitors from equipment or moving vehicles.

The Standard Blockader incorporates all the quality features of heavy-duty barriers (used for major crowd control situations) into a lighter-weight portable barrier which is affordably priced.

Metal barrier spec sheet

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