Perimeter Patrol Welded Wire Panels


Welded wire fencing offers a more attractive, and easier setup system that chain link fence. Standard colors are yellow and black but other colors are available with minimum orders.


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30 Foot Linear Run, 45 Foot Linear Run, 60 Foot Linear Run, Complete Pallet

Welded Wire Panels

DescriptionModelHeightWidthWeightSpec Sheet
30 Foot Linear Run (4 Panels - 5 Bases - 1 Swing Gate)RF-PACK3- B (Black)

RF-PACK3-Y (Yellow)
72 Inches87 Inches236 lbsSpec Sheet
45 Foot Linear Run - (6 Panels - 7 Bases - 1 Swing Gate)RF-PACK2-B (Black)

RFPACK2-Y (Yellow)
72 Inches87 Inches650 lbsSpec Sheet
60 Foot Linear Run (8 Panels - 9 Bases - 1 Swing Gate)RF-PACK1-B (Black)

RF-PACK1-Y (Yellow)
72 Inches87 Inches736 lbsSpec Sheet
Complete Pallet of Temporary Fencing - 28 Panels with Bases and ClampsRF-12805 (Black)

RF-12806 (Yellow)
72 Inches87 Inches1145 lbs

Welded Wire Panel Accessories

No-Climb Extension PanelRF-20005 (12inch)12in87in
RF-20025 (24inch)
No-Climb Extension Panel 45 Degree AngleRF-22005 (Connector)12in87in
30″ Ground SpikeRF-70005 (Black)30inN/A
RF-22006 (Yellow)
Perimeter Patrol Panel BaseRF-30005 (Black)24in (Length)7in
RF-30006 (Yellow)
Perimeter Patrol Replacement ClampRF-50005 (Black)N/AN/A
RF-50006 (Yellow)
Perimeter Patrol Swing Gate WheelRF-11005 (Black)N/AN/A
RF-11006 (Yellow)


Welded Wire Panels are easy to unload

Easy to Handle Fence Panels

  • Weighing only 37 pounds for each security fence panel, and with no sharp edges, these panels are easy on employees’ backs and hands.
  • Panels are easily handled by one employee.
Welded Wire Panels

Steel Fence Panels

Attractive and sturdy 6 ft. (height) x 7.5 ft. (length) fence panels.

  • Long Life-Span: Durable construction can withstand years of abuse in outdoor settings.
  • High-Visibility: Bright, reflective colors stand out in day or night.
  • Theft-deterrent: Protect your materials; strong, visible fencing reduces the risk of theft.
Welded Wire Panel Pallet for Easy Storage

 Welded Wire Fence Pallets

Each pallet holds 28 panels of temporary fencing – That’s 210 feet of fencing!

  • Pallets eliminate the need to handle panels individually.
  • Easily load a pallet by forklift onto a truck and in minutes 210 feet of security fencing is on its way to the site.
  • At the destination, the driver can then easily unload the security fence panels from the pallet.
  • This set up takes a fraction of the time of transporting the panels individually.

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