Add names, logos, or messages to crowd control barricades

Barrier Signs – attached to your crowd control barricades by nuts and bolts – are an ideal way of identifying ownership of barriers, and preventing accidental loss.

  • All Blockader barricades are pre-drilled to accommodate 8″ x 20″ signs
  • Aluminum barrier signs are recommended (and most popular); steel signs are also available
  • Aluminum signs are same quality as standard road signs
  • Nuts (standard ΒΌ”) and bolts included with sign orders
  • Easy to attach
  • Competitive pricing
  • Variety of sizes available

Avoid Cheap Alternatives

  • Blockader barrier signs have smooth edges and no sharp parts.
  • Blockader barrier signsare constructed from haevy duty materials.
  • Blockader signs printed on reflective sheeting and are visible in low light conditions.
  • Other signs have sharp edges which have proven to be difficult to handle safely
  • Other barrier signs are made of cheaper, thin material which bends at the corners, rendering them unattractive and unsafe
  • Painted signs will not be visible in low light conditions