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Aluminum Barricade Signage for Crowd Control Barriers

 Add names, logos, or messages to crowd control barricades


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Barricade Signage – attached to your crowd control barriers by nuts and bolts – are an ideal way of identifying ownership of barriers, and preventing accidental loss.

  • All Blockader barriers are pre-drilled to accommodate 8″ x 20″ signs
  • Aluminum barrier signs are recommended (and most popular); steel signs are also available
  • Aluminum signs are same quality as standard road signs
  • Nuts (standard ¼”) and bolts included with sign orders
  • Easy to attach
  • Competitive pricing
  • Variety of sizes available
Aluminum Signage For Steel Barrier
The 8″ x 20″ steel barrier size was arrived at through real-world experimentation and has become the most widely-used dimension for a steel barrier sign. The sign is large enough to be seen from a distance, but not so large as to contribute significantly to the barrier’s wind resistance.
Steel Barrier With Aluminum Sign

The majority of these barrier signs are made with engineer-grade reflective sheeting (as featured on the Blockader “Rentals – Sales” signs). This material will reflect at night when light hits it, emphasizing the existence of your barriers. Replacement adhesive is available, enabling you to change your message without buying a new sign. With adhesive, new logos or text can be easily “pasted over” an existing sign, much in the manner of applying a new automobile registration sticker. Blockader steel barriers are the only barriers to be pre-drilled for signs, making it easy for you to buy or add signs at any time after purchase of the barrier. Blockader barriers are galvanized after the sign holes have been drilled, leaving no steel exposed.


Blockader Benefits

  • Blockader barrier signs have smooth edges and no sharp parts.
  • Blockader barrier signs are constructed from heavy-duty materials.
  • Blockader signs are printed on reflective sheeting and are visible in low light conditions.


  • Other signs have sharp edges which have proven to be difficult to handle safely.
  • Other barrier signs are made of cheaper, thin material which bends at the corners, rendering them unattractive and unsafe.
  • Painted signs will not be visible in low light conditions.

Looking for bigger signage options like barrier jackets that cover the entire barricade? Go to our other Division,

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