KROMA Orange Barrier for Construction
                                                                                    Distributed by Blockader Barricade

A cost effective, mid-level barrier in 8 primary colors. In stock and ready to ship.

Mid-level alternative between the Classic Blockader and best-in-class Standard. Demand for this steel barrier variation
in primary colors is so great, Blockader has added it to our wide selection of barrier options.

Blockader is known for exceptional quality. With both high end and economy options, we now offer a new, painted barricade, the KROMA barrier

These barricades are built for long-term weather resistance. Manufactured from heavy gauge steel, they provide superior weather protection.

The barricades interlock using the broad hook standard. This is compatible with many existing inventories.

available in 8 colors!

  • Full 2.5 meter length, plus hook. Not the shorter 90″ frame.
  • Available in 8 brilliant colors.
  • Bolt on replaceable bases: flat and bridge

Steel Barrier Cart: Quickly set up and tear down
crowd control lines. Learn more here!

Look: 8 colors in stock
What Color do You Want?

Orange for Safety

  • Construction sites
  • Roadside
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Airports

Blue for Water

  • Waterparks
  • Boat tours
  • Tourist attractions
  • Marinas
  • Aquariums
  • Beaches

Green for Plants

  • Botanical Gardens
  • Golf Course
  • Amusement Parks
  • Attractions
  • Zoo’s


Red for Warning

  • First Responders
  • Construction sites
  • State Fairs

Yellow for Public Works

  • Roadside
  • Construction sites
  • Schools

White for Public Events

  • Parades
  • Festivals
  • Event Space
  • Sporting Events

Black for Entertainment

  • Concerts
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Conventions
  • Night Clubs

Galvanized options are perfect for every day use in many environments and can be stored outside.

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Feet Options

Bridge Feet (Pair)

Offers maximum stability on uneven surfaces, such as grass.

Principal corners allow the small bridge base to pivot within the diameter of the large base; assuring maximum stability.


Flat Feet

A lower profile than the bridge base.

Features rubber inserts to avoid scuffing indoor surfaces.

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