The Industry Standard for Crowd Control Barriers

Blockader® has the largest selection of interlocking steel barriers and plastic barricades, with dozens of options in size, hooking styles, bases, & finishes

Since 1976, Blockader® has been the world’s largest supplier of galvanized interlocking steel barricades and crowd control barriers. We are constant innovators in the industry, pioneering several key features for steel barriers. Our barricades are used at prestigious events worldwide. This includes the Super Bowl, the Olympics, Presidential Inaugurations, elite concert events, and more!

Featured Products:

Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd Control Barriers - Blockader barriersAvailable in a Variety of Styles & Finishes for any Event

Steel Barrier Covers

Steel Barrier CoversTurn Your Crowd Control into an Advertising Opportunity

Painted Steel Barriers

powder coated crowd control barriersTrue Powder-Coated Finishes in 10 Attractive Colors

Steel Barrier Push & Pull Carts

Steel barrier carts - barrier storage cartImprove Barrier Storage and Ease of Transport with Wheeled Carts

Steel Barrier Accessories

Steel barrier arches and gates

Create a Complete Safety Solution with Gates, Arches, and More

NEW! Link™ Plastic Barricades

LineEx Barricades for Crowd Control BarricadesIntroducing the Future of Crowd Control

Blockader® is the industry standard for crowd control barriers.

Blockader® crowd control barriers are manufactured to last! Crafted from high-quality, reinforced steel in both the frame and bases, Blockader barriers are resistant to distortion and deterioration without being cumbersome and heavy. After manufacturing, Blockader barriers are hot-dip galvanized to protect against rust.

Blockader® steel barricades are available in several variations depending upon your specific needs. The Blockader Classic is the market standard for heavy-duty applications, while the Blockader Classic offers a lightweight, economic alternative. Also, you can add a splash of color to your event with Blockader Painted Crowd Control Barriers, available in nine appealing hues.

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