LineEx Plastic Barricade

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Ideal Plastic Pedestrian Barricades

The LineEx is an affordable, innovative plastic pedestrian barricade designed to be easily portable and visually attractive.  The LineEx offers some key advantages over other barriers on the market.

plastic pedestrian barricade

Barriers are typically placed where there are crowds of people.  The LineEx barricade is specifically designed to hold gatorboard signs in the large center display area and also has zip tie loops for larger banner options.

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LineEx plastic barricades are cooled twice as long as competitors – creating a sturdier, stronger barricade. Their stackable design and manufactured extra UV light resistant makes LineEx an ideal, longlasting crowd control system.

If you are looking for a truly unique pedestrian barricade that matches the decor of your establishment, we offer custom designed barricades. We also offer barricade covers designed to fit perfectly to your barricade.

If your event really calls for a high-class look, you may want to consider our custom fitted barricade covers.

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6.5 ft


3.5 ft

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1.5 ft.


26.4 lbs.


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