For a more defined fencing option




High Barricade Advantages

  • 6 1/2 feet height provides greater security.
  • 39 inch width enables one worker to move barricades easily.
  • Connects seamlessly with traditional Blockader Classic Styles.

History and Specifications

First introduced as a regular production item in 1990, the high barrier continues to be in regular demand. It is utilized most frequently in locations (such as sports stadiums) which need to temporarily block openings to prevent crowds from re-entering closed sections.

These high barriers feature a distinct wide (3 foot) base. The bases on either side of the barrier offset each other, so that there is always a 2 foot support on both sides, resulting in significantly improved stability.

The standard width of the high barrier is 39” (1 meter) or 3’3″. It was originally also offered in 4-, 6-, and 8-foot widths, but there has been no demand for the wider lengths for over 10 years. The 39” width offers these advantages over the larger sizes (which are still available, but not in inventory).