What is SmartWeld?

How does SmartWelding differ from manual MIG welding?

In the United States, an overwhelming 99% of barrier fences are manually welded, a process that inadvertently introduces excess metal during welding.

Our approach is different. We eschew manual welding, avoiding any unnecessary addition of metal during the welding process. Embracing the “SmartWeld” method, we employ resistance welding, fusing two steel pieces with a substantial electric current to create an exceptionally robust joint. This technique is uniformly applied to all frames we manufacture, ensuring a barrier fencing product that is not only stronger but also safer and more intelligent.

This US manufacturing process, recognized for creating one of the most durable temporary fencing panel systems, has now been extended to pedestrian barriers, reinforcing our commitment to resilience.

The Stronger Choice!

Opting for SmartWeld signifies choosing the stronger alternative. Enhanced design, superior materials, and advanced manufacturing techniques elevate SmartWeld panels and barrier fencing above competing products in the United States. Rigorous testing of each frame, subjected to forces exceeding 1100 pounds, guarantees their durability. It’s the reason rental companies endorse SmartWeld – confident that our panels and barriers will outlast the challenges that alternative temporary fencing and barricades cannot match.

While alternative products may appear similar, only SmartWeld boasts:

  • Exceptional joint strength – surpassing traditional MIG welds by up to 70%!
  • Unparalleled testing procedures – every frame undergoes testing with forces exceeding 1100+ pounds.
  • Tensioned mesh, providing frames with a taut and uniform appearance.
  • Distinct from conventionally manufactured fences, each wire is individually welded to the frame, enhancing strength and durability.

The Safer Choice!

The repercussions of a fence panel or barrier failure can be severe from both a health and safety and security standpoint. The meticulously designed SmartWeld range addresses these concerns, offering a significantly lower risk of failure compared to alternatives, even with extended usage.

The Smarter Choice!

While a more economical option may appear tempting, a comprehensive evaluation reveals that SmartWeld stands out as the intelligent choice.

  • SmartWeld mitigates health and safety issues, reducing the likelihood of insurance claims.
  • Our range proves more durable and has an extended lifespan compared to alternatives.
  • With minimized rusting and panels that retain their integrity, the aesthetic appeal endures for an extended period.
  • Dollar for dollar, SmartWeld panels deliver superior value.

Fence Barrier & Temporary Fence Products

Exclusive to the US, SmartWeld is the premier choice for temporary fencing and barricade products in the U.S. Elevating rental companies above the competition, it ensures a longer-lasting product and heightened safety for their clients. Opt for SmartWeld to enhance safety and elevate your offerings in the temporary fencing landscape.

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