Swinging or Sliding Gates and Barricade Arches

Use gates intermittently among long-running lines of barriers to allow controlled access through the line. This will enable officials, police, and EMS personnel to open a gate when necessary for official/emergency purposes.

For crowd traffic flow, a gate can also act as a “floodgate” to relieve heavy congestion. Gates provide you with a necessary “emergency back door” in case of unforeseen circumstances:

  • Allow for controlled breaks in long lines of interlocking steel barricades
  • Permits the police or EMS personnel the ability to break through crowd control barriers in emergency situations
  • All the weight is on the wheels (not on the hinged side)
  • Heavy-duty steel latch locks gate into the next steel barrier for a continual run of connecting frames
  • 3 standard international lengths in stock to match 3 basic hook variations
Barricade Gates &Amp; Arches
Crowd Control Barrier Entrances With Gates

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  • The standard 10-ft. high arch gives you an ideal location to place a sign high above the crowd
  • Ideal for designating special entrances such as for vendors or employees
  • Visually distinguish separate entrances for different types of attendees ( i.e. general, VIP’s, vendors, handicapped, etc.)
  • Specify areas such as, “Lost Children,” so patrons know exactly where to go
  • Combine arch and turnstile to collect entrance revenue
  • 3 standard widths in inventory

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