Blockader 3-Way Hooking System

Three steel barriers can be connected together at one point.

This unique hooking system allows a frame to be connected at a right angle (as the primary line continues in a straight line).

Three barriers are securely hooked together at one interlocking point. This counter braces the continuous line – with a positive interlock, not a chain.

Steel Barriers 3-Way Hooking System
Ideal for police and public works.

  • Easy assembly
  • Barriers are available in four lengths, four heights, four base styles, and numerous hooking styles.
  • Huge inventory for immediate shipment

BLOCKADER 3-WAY HOOKING SYSTEM: Unmatched Versatility and Security

The Blockader Interlocking Barriers introduce an innovative 3-Way Hooking System that redefines the standards of versatility and security. With this unique system, three steel barriers can be seamlessly connected at a single point, providing a level of interlocking capability that surpasses conventional designs.

This groundbreaking feature allows for the creation of a counter brace as the continuous line progresses in a straight trajectory. By enabling a right-angle connection at the primary line’s onward path, it ensures not only secure interlocking but also a more stable and fortified barrier configuration. Gone are the days of relying on traditional chains; our 3-Way Hooking System offers a positive interlock, further reinforcing the safety and security of your crowd control arrangements.

Designed to cater to the diverse needs of police and public works, this system ensures quick and hassle-free assembly. The Blockader Interlocking Barriers are available in a range of sizes, with options for four different lengths, four heights, four base styles, and various hooking styles. This extensive selection empowers you to tailor your crowd control solution to your specific requirements, ensuring that every event or security setup is both effective and efficient.

At Tamis© Corporation, we maintain a substantial inventory to meet your immediate needs. With our extensive stock, you can rely on prompt shipments and seamless access to the superior security and crowd control solutions that the Blockader Interlocking Barriers represent.

Who Benefits Most for This 3-Way Hooking System?

Public Works

Prevent short cuts through work zones

Particularly useful in urban areas, the 3-way hooking system allows barriers to be interlocked over open ditches.

In addition to discouraging pedestrians, the interlock will prevent barriers fro collapsing in dirt or irregular terrain.




Better perimeter protection

Two interlocking continual lines create a “no man zone” which discourages line penetration and allows officers more time to react.

One meter frames are often used as counter braces – a very effective means of preventing trespassing because it is more difficult to hurdle the space.

3 Way Interlocking 15
Interlocking Barriers 4
Interlocking Barriers 10
Interlocking Barriers 2 2


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