Transporting Temporary Fencing

Easy Loading and Moving of Welded Wire Panels

Convenient Fencing Panels

  • A forklift can easily lift a pallet of fencing panels onto a flatbed truck
  • 28 panels fit in one pallet
  • Pallet is designed to keep fencing panels secure, even during transport
  • At their destination point, panels can be easily removed from pallet, while it is still on the truck

Efficient Loading of Temporary Fencing

A forklift can lift a pallet of fence panels from the front
Or, the forklift can lift the pallet from the side
Here, the forklift positions the pallet to the side of the truck
The forklift lifts the pallet over the bed of the truck
Pallet crossbars keep fence panels securely in place
Hardware basket of components is loaded on truck
At destination, fence panels are easily removed by one person
Panels can also be placed in truck without pallet

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