A ski resort has a variety of patrons. From ski bums to beginners who still face-plant every time they try to complete a snowplough turn, we all have the same bottom line- to keep them safe. Some risks are uncontrollable-like the weather conditions, however, there are some integral steps that should be taken to lessen the chances of preventable dangers from arising.

Rushing to the Ski Lifts

According to the National Ski Areas Association, some 3,500 chairlifts across the country make more than 300 million lift rides every year. That’s a lot of volume- and a lot of chances for things to go wrong. Wherever you find crowds you should find a proper queueing system to promote an organized and safe operation. One way to successfully accomplish that is by utilizing LineEx plastic barriers.

Attractive and Functional

  • Safety First

While skiing is one of the world’s most popular winter sports, it is also one of the most dangerous. Skiers can reach speeds anywhere from 25-45 miles per hour. One thing is for certain- plastic hurts less than steel. This makes LineEx barriers the perfect solution to minimize the possibility of injury. These barriers are also lightweight and easily compactable. The slopes are unpredictable, which means oftentimes different areas will suddenly need to be closed off. These barriers effectively minimize labor and can be deployed in no time.

  • Custom Color Options

These barriers are available in any custom color and design, utilizing bright colors can project nicely from the white snow. This ensures the barriers will be easily visible to skiers, even from all the way at the top of the hill. These LineEx barriers can create an obvious fenced perimeter ensuring skiers do not wander off to prohibited areas.

  • Signage

Poorly marked and unguarded obstacles can lead to hazard, that’s why utilizing signage is crucial to the safety of skiers. Effective signage can help identify those dangerous areas of the mountain, warn skiers of unusual weather conditions, or direct them where to go. Signage ultimately optimizes time by bettering the traffic flow from the moment you arrive at the ski lifts.

  • Reinforced Mold and Extra UV Light Resistant

These plastic barricades are cooled twice as long as competitors – they are sturdier and stronger. These LineEx Barriers are also protected from fading and brittleness from direct contact with sunlight. These barriers are enjoying the prime daylight time just as much as your skiers. You will have a maximized lifetime for them, even in the frigid temperatures.

  • Branding

Obviously, with all the precautionary steps you are taking, skiers will return year after year. Branding these attractive barriers with your name will only increase the positive impressions left on your skiers. These barriers can be utilized as a marketing tool- promote an event, a new restaurant or simply use your logo to reinforce your brand.

See You Next Year!

Creating a safe environment for your skiers is a responsibility. By taking steps to ensure mountain safety you will be creating a positive, unforgettable experience for skiers. The only decision left for skiers now is whether they want to follow your signage to the bar or back to their rooms!

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