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We maximize the use of the truck, you benefit from the savings

Truckload shipments are used for large quantities (such as 200 barricades) which will fill, or come close to filling, an entire truck.

Your Advantages:

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  • The product is handled only once at loading and unloading, significantly reducing the risk of damage and eliminating the delays inherent in LTL shipments which are loaded and reloaded numerous times.
  • Delivery is faster – the products are transported directly from the shipping origin to the destination.

Partial truckloads

Img Tl 3Depending on the size, some orders which cannot fill an entire truck can be shipped via partial truckload. Our volume enables us to make economical use of partial truckloads when necessary (a benefit not available to many other lower-volume suppliers). In these cases, the customer pays only for the amount of space used. Delivery time for partial truckloads, however, may be longer than full truckloads.

Shipping Notes

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  • Shipping costs are based on the weight, the distance the shipment is traveling, and the product’s National Motor Freight Classification (published by the American Trucking Association).
  • Our preferred TL carrier is Landstar, which offers cost-effective services throughout the United States.
  • If you prefer to use a different carrier, please let us know when you place an order.


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