The new labor-saving storage cart for all facilities


Ideal for convention centers, stadiums, arenas –

any facility with large inventory and frequent moves

  • Forklift alone…… 15 barriers at a time
  • One cart…… 28 barriers at a time
  • Two carts…… 56 barriers at a time

Fully self-contained pallets allow easy loading, safe handling, and easy transportation.



  • Sturdy 360 lbs
  • Heavy Duty Steel
  • Handle designed for use with forklift/carts
  • Designed to fit any steel barrier
  • Well designed arms easily hold maximum load of 28 barriersHolds 28 barriers
  • Heavy-duty Premium wheels
  • Since 1995
  • Full Welds
  • Assemble with nuts and bolts
  • Galvanized steel

The Other Guys

  • Lightweight at only 119 lbs
  • Lightweight steel
  • Handle designed to be pulled by person
  • Designed for specific barrier
  • Arms telescope so they become weaker the farther they are extended
  • Substandard 6” Standard Casters
  • Since 2011
  • Spotwelds
  • Assembled with flimsy pins that are difficult to replace
  • Powdercoated steel