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Five things that are exciting about the LineEx Plastic Barricade

Improved Advertising Areas

At most venues and special events, sponsors help pay for a lot of the upfront expenses. The LineEx barrier has a few different options for sponsorship opportunities.  

Lineex Barrier Covers On Barricades Near Aquatics Center

Advertising Center Plate – At the center of the plastic barrier is a large plate that can be the home of a decal for one of your sponsors or your team logo.  If you are a high school looking for additional revenue, offering a panel at $25/per game would give your school an ROI within a handful of games.

Banner Hooks – For a larger area, the banner hooks allow you to print larger vinyl banners that can be easily zip tied to the barrier.

Barricade Covers – We handcraft barricade covers for practically every barrier that has ever been made.  The LineEx is no different. A barricade cover is a custom fit jacket that slides over the barrier and is secured with hook and loop panels and potentially zip ties in high wind areas.  Barricade covers for the LineEx can also have hook and loop, removable panels for directional signage or other messaging that can change as needed.

Plastic Barrier
Lineex Plastic Pedestrian Barrier

The LineEx has a Handle Built-in

We have found that moving a barrier from point A to point B is a lot easier and less aggravating when you have a handle to carry it by!  The handle is low and centered on the barrier to make it balanced in your grip and easy to move. It’s simple for one person to transport two barriers at one time.

LineEx are Interlocking Barriers

Steel barriers have a popular method of interlocking to form a crowd control line.  LineEx barriers also interlock but with a different mechanism. The LineEx barriers have a pin and hole system and can lock from the top of the pin or from the bottom.  The option to hook from the top or the bottom of the pin allows for flexibility on uneven surfaces.

Beyond the pin and hole system, there are also locking points with clamps.  This can offer additional security of the crowd control line.

The LineEx Barriers Stack Easily

When steel barriers aren’t being used, it can be very annoying to store them. Bases get in the way of stacking and during teardown, some people get tired, and just kind of throw the barriers wherever you happen to keep them; without taking the time to figure out how to stack them correctly.

With the LineEx, they are designed to stack together easily. The base feet are offset and designed to fit together snug.

Stackable Plastic Barricades

The Many Colors of the LineEx Barrier

Plastic Barriers

The LineEx barrier has eight brilliant color options. More than any other plastic pedestrian barrier manufacturer. Our eight standard color options are:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Black
  • White

We selected colors that are broadly used in schools, colleges, and universities as well as more utility applications such as construction.

In addition to these colors, we offer custom color options, and screen printed barriers with minimum orders. (Call us for information on this!) If you need a camo barrier, or would instead sport a bold leopard print, we’ve got you covered!

What about Durability?

I am obviously not going to tell you that the plastic used in LineEx barriers is stronger than the hot dip galvanized steel we use in our steel barriers. However, in the world of plastic barriers, the LineEx is one of the most durable barriers on the market. Our barriers are manufactured with virgin plastic that does not have the structural weaknesses inherent with most recycled plastics.

Our barrier is also designed with a variety of cross supports strategically engineered within the frame of the barrier, offering maximum stability and durability.

Plastic Barriers ARE Exciting!

So by now, you are probably pretty stoked about placing a massive order of plastic crowd control barriers!

Or not.

Still, I hope I have shown you how these barriers are built with both function and form in mine. If you are ready to get more information about how the LineEx barrier can be used at your facility, you can request a quote and we will call you to discuss your options!

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