Classic Blockader Steel Barricades

Ideal weight for (between 44-54lbs. depending on size) for portable steel railing crowd management
True 16 Gauge Frame & Uprights

Blockader crowd control steel barricades have been America’s most popular crowd management tool for 30 years. The interlocking steel barriers have provided security at major events such as the Olympics, the Super Bowl, and presidential inauguration parades.

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  • The industry standard for quality, dependability and innovation
  • Extensive inventory
  • Four styles of bolt-on replaceable bases


Blockader Classic Steel Barricade Specifications

The Tamis Corporation

Download Entire Blockader Classic Steel Barrier Specification Sheet


Three Barrier Sizes

Classic Blockader Steel Barricades are available in three lengths




(79 in., approximately 6.5 ft)

(98 in., approximately 8 ft)

(39 in., 3ΒΌ ft.)

2 Meter Blockader Classic Steel Barricade

2.5M Classic Blockader Steel Barricades

1 Meter Blockader Classic Steel Barricades

  • The most popular size
  • 43 inches high
  • Weight (with bases): approximately 44 pounds (bridge base) or 50 pounds (flat base)
  • 14 uprights
  • The longest barrier option
  • 43 inches high
  • Weight (with bases): approximately 54 pounds (bridge base) or 60 pounds (flat base)
  • 18 uprights
  • Block off smaller openings
  • 43 inches high
  • Weight (with bases): 29 pounds (bridge base + insert) or 32 pounds (flat base + insert)
  • 6 uprights

Blockader Steel Barricade Quality

  • Barriers made of thick 16-gauge tubing
  • Hooks ensure a positive interlocking of barricades
  • Hooks and uprights inserted into frame prior to welding
  • Hot dip galvanization to prevent corrosion

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