Link™ Barricades

The Future of Crowd Control

Blockader is proud to introduce a new state-of-the-art plastic barrier to our extensive product line: Link Barricades. These injection-molded plastic barricades represent the latest in crowd control technology. Link barricades are comparable to steel barriers in terms of strength at a fraction of the weight, and will maintain color and quality up to twice as long as “1st generation” plastic barricades.

LineEx Plastic Crowd Control Barricades

LineEx Plastic Crowd Control Barricades

LineEx Plastic Crowd Control Barricades

Discover the Advantages of Link Barricades:

  • Link barricades are manufactured with a reinforced polypropylene, and can last for up to 15 years – twice as long as “1st generation” barricades.
  • With three times the UV resistance of other plastic barricades, Link barricades will maintain vibrancy long after competitors fade.
  • At 42” tall and 2M long, Link barricades comply with international crowd-control sizing standards, and can be used in conjunction with steel barriers.






A Commitment to Quality

Link Plastic Barricades for Crowd Control Barricades

For the past four decades, Blockader has been the industry standard for steel barricades. Our clients have learned to trust that our commitment to quality and knowledge of the market will be used to bring them the best products possible.

This desire to deliver quality is what first led us to Link barricades. Link barricades are sturdy, vibrant, and lightweight; also, they can be used WITH our steel barriers, making them an excellent opportunity for clients who want to transition to plastic while still making use of their current inventory.

Another benefit to Link barriers is the potential for effective branding. With 8 standard colors and custom colors available, aligning the barricades to your brand has never been easier. Add to that the industry’s LARGEST advertising area (14” x 12”) and you have a winning combination of form and function.

8 Standard Colors!

In addition to the colors shown above, our specialized process allows us to produce ANY custom color with lower minimum quantity requirements than the competition.


A Variety of Advertising Opportunities

Link plastic barricades are designed with advertising and marketing in mind. Depending upon you venue or event, there are multiple opportunities to showcase your brand identity

Custom Sign Banner

Custom Sign Banner

Full Printed Barrier Cover

Custom Sign Plate

Custom Sign Plate

Reflective Safety Bars

Reflective Bars