History of Improvements in Crowd Control Products

Blockader has been a pioneer in the steel barrier industry for almost 30 years. We’ve continually introduced new innovations which have made steel barriers a more effective, customer-friendly crowd management tool.

Every new concept which has improved steel barriers was introduced into the marketplace by Blockader.

1977 – Replaceable bases

The introduction of interchangeable bolt-on replacement bases for steel barricades enabled users to replace a base instead of replacing an entire barrier.

1978 – Wheel base

The introduction of wheel bases made steel barriers easier to move and reposition, increasing options for their use during an event.

1986 – Painted Barriers

Moving beyond silver/grey, barriers painted with bright colors stand out aesthetically, while the paint adds to the barrier’s life-span.  

1987 – Different Lengths

Blockader established the now-standard lengths for steel barricades: 1-meter, 2-meter, and 2.5-meter lengths

1990 – High Barrier

Blockader pioneered the 8-foot high portable steel barricade, a stable fencing option which many sports stadiums have adopted.

1986 – Gates and Arches

Gates and arches add functionality to a line of steel barriers, providing emergency access and denoting designated entrances.

1991 – Laser-Cut Signs

Steel signs which are embedded in the barrer identify ownership, discourage theft, and enable more accurate inventory control.

1992 – Barrier Jackets

Vinyl barrier jackets can feature the logo or message promoting a venue, event, or sponsor, becoming attractive ground-level billboards.

1993 – Square Stacking Barriers

Square stacking barriers with bolt-on replaceable bases are stable and easy to move and store, while stacking square in both directions.

1994 – Barrier Carts

Carts efficiently transport Blockader steel barricades, saving labor costs and time.

1998 – Rubber Stoppers

Rubber inserts on barrier bases result in damage-free indoor use and reduce sliding on smooth surfaces.

1998 – Right-Angle Connection

Hooks on Blockader barriers are designed to enable three steel barriers to be connected at one point.

2009 – Quick Clip

This pin slides into the bolt hole of a barrier, allowing a base to be easily connected without the need for a bolt. Bases can be quickly connected to or disconnected from frames making set-up fast and easy.

2010 – Lightweight, economical “Standard” barrier

Blockader introduced this lower priced yet high-quality barrier specially designed for line delineation purposes. It interlocks with classic barriers and is easy to move.

Since 1976 – Blockader Crowd Control Barricades

Blockader barricades have changed the way America handles crowd control. Blockader barriers have come to be regarded as the industry standard for quality, reliability and customer service.