Tamis Corporation is a multi-divisional consulting, manufacturing, and distribution company specializing in crowd control, line management and safety systems.

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Tamis Corporation’s Pittsburgh, PA Sales Office. Call us today: 1.877.581.4738

The company was incorporated in Pennsylvania in November 1983. The Tamis® Corporation began as manufacturer representatives. It soon evolved into both a manufacturing and distributing company divided into divisions of related premium quality products.

Our philosophy is for every customer to have just one person in the company responsible for his needs.

Every customer is assigned a knowledgeable person, a real person, to handle sales and customer service. Because every individual is capable of answering all questions and resolving all issues, our customers aren’t bounced from one department to another.

Today the company occupies a group of suites with over 6500 square feet of space in a professional office building where customers can visit their personal representatives.


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