Three Popular Steel Barricade Hook Styles

You can make sure that the purchase of a new steel barrier will be compatible with your existing stock by matching the barricade’s hook style.


Blockader bike rack barricades for crowd control are available in the three most popular hook styles:

Classic Style

The most popular style, has the male hooks approximately 15 inches apart

Wide Hook Style

This style features male hooks that are approximately 25 inches apart

Bent Hand Style
These barriers are simple to connect, but cannot accommodate arches or gates

“Orphan” hooking styles

Question about which hook style will be best for your bike rack barriers?

Unfortunately, there are many barriers which feature non-standard hook variations, resulting in incompatibility with the most popular bike rack barricades. Many were produced by fabricators which have since gone out of business.

Blockader can produce compatible barriers for you when the correct hook style on your existing crowd control barricade can be identified.

In almost all cases, we can meet your needs cost-effectively.  Call us to speak with a specialist who will take the time to understand your situation and arrive at an answer that works for you.

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