“No-Climb” Extension Panels

Add Security to Your Welded Wire Temporary Fencing

no-climb-45 Extension panels can be attached at a 45 degree angle… no-climb-vertical …or vertically, which will increase the height of the fence by 12″.

No-Climb extension panels add additional height to your welded wire fence, and offer a raw edge of sharp steel rods that act as a climbing deterrent. No-Climb extensions are available in a vertical extension or a 45° extension.

No-Climb Extension Benefits

  • Dimensions: 12” (height) x 90” (width)
  • Increases the security of welded wire fence panels
  • Extensions can be installed vertically or at a 45 degree angle
  • Simple, one-person installation
  • Extensions are attached to the panels using the same clamps used to connect welded wire fence panels to each other from the side