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Blockader Warehouse Clearance

We have taken advantage of the current lull to consolidate the excess rental stock, returns, and old new stock.  It is a mix of lengths and hook variations.  Some are clearly used, but all are usable, and true hot dip galvanized.

With almost 1800 barriers in different lengths and hooks, it is probable some units will be exactly the same as your existing inventory.

With the cost of all Classic and Standard Blockaders at an all-time high to produce and container surge pricing, you may want to look closely at the various options and add frames or accessories that you think can expand current use of your inventory. Cost will never be this low again.

For example, there are arches and gates, as well as shorter frames that are excellent in blocking sidewalks and making next in line zig zags. They also make triangles that break up solid waves of crowds for improved crowd management entering events.  If you want to call, we can discuss other proven uses.

The special prices are limited to the current list of products.

We mention hot dip galvanized because we, like other suppliers, also produce new stock with mill galvanized zinc coating, also called pre-galvanized.  These satisfy more than half the market whose inventory is not subjected to daily abuse.

Cities like Chicago or Boston, even our hometown Steelers, who have real crowd management concerns and need the reliable strength of a Classic Blockader frame, only purchase hot dip galvanized.   The pre galvanized are not sufficiently dependable for them.

For clarification, pre galvanized has the thinner zinc coating only on the outside of the tubing, unlike hot dip galvanizing that has a thick metal alloy coating inside and out.  That hot dip process significantly increases the cost of the barrier production but is the very best way to protect the long-term value of the investment.  You can find out more about both processes here.

As a result, we are able to offer the items on the list at both a reduced rate for unit cost, and without the temporary container surcharge.  So, if anything on the list interest you, this is the best value you will ever find going forward.

Please call one of our experts to discuss any questions about compatibility with existing stock.

Most have the classic Blockader spacing between hooks (we call B hooks) , and a few have the wider hooks (we call F hooks) or bent hand hooks. There are also a few odd hooking variations mixed up in some pallets.

Below are some comments of many of the items offered.

U Shape Bases

Because these are bent at a right angle, we can use the rubber inserts as a way to create sliding resistance as we do with some of the flat bases. They still have a large and small so that every corner has full stability.

Used Bridge Bases

When we decided to standardize the rental inventory (Blockader no longer Rents), we replaced the bridge bases with flat bases, and these hot dip galvanized bases were simply put into containers and forgotten about.  Which means they will look dark grey and old but are true hot dip galvanized and made with heavy duty steel tubing.  Bridge bases do not stack in a truck as densely as flat bases but offer far more stability in use.  That is why cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston only use bridge bases.

1 Meter Frames

Those with longer frames at the 8 foot or 2.5 M length, frequently find situations where that length is a disadvantage.  The length can be awkward and can take up more space than is necessary.  For example, a zig zag next in line configuration can be tighter and more efficient using the 1 meter frames.  Side walks and single door closings, especially with signage, are more effective using these shorter lengths.  Everyone should have about 10% of their inventory in these lengths.


It is much easier to direct visitors to select location before they approach a gate with signage high above the crowd, easily seen.  VIP customer will not be happy if they approach and are then told to enter by another gate.  Or, if a medic is needed for some reason, where is that location?

Arches connect directly to the barrier as an integral part of the crowd management plan of the facility.  They are not free standing and subject to toppling.  The have wide flat bases and are also supported by barriers on both sides.


Because most inexpensive metal frames found on websites these days where price is the key factor, connect with simple hooks and not the interlock method.   Lines can be broken by a person just walking up and lifting a barrier our of the line and go right through.

Serious crowd management using the interlock process still need occasionally to break the continuous line for fire, police, or EMS access.

Our gates allow a continual line without the weakness of simple hooks through a positive continual interlock.

These come in 3 lengths to match the 3 barrier lengths.  We suggest a swing ate along every 500 foot run of barriers.

Classic verses Standard Blockaders

The classic blockader is fully 16 Gage steel tubing hot dip galvanized.  It has been and continues to be THE STANDARD against which all copies compare.

When the Chinese began exporting look alike frames at lower costs, it was not evident that they got that price mostly by using thinner tubing, eliminating hot dip galvanizing, thinner hooking connectors and fewer welds.

Consequently, we designed a variation of the classic that we now call the Standard.  It is lighter in weight, lower in costs, but is still compatible with the Classic hooking system for a true interlock, and is hot dip galvanized.  That allowed us to offer a competitive product price wise that still maintained Blockader quality.  Unfortunately, as is always the case, it too has been copied and made cheaper in China, while still looking, at least by photographs, the same.

The Blockader Standards sell out almost as soon as they are made, so very few are available in this grouping.  Plus the container shortage has disrupted the supply chain.

Today with literally dozens of mostly Chinese supplying steel barrier variations, each slightly different from the other, the market has created mixed inventories where customers have 3 or 4 variations, none of which connect with one another:  Chaos on set up.

Historically, there were just 3 hooking variations, the Blockader Style, The French Style, and the bent hand style.

Blockader still produces these 3 for its customer base, stretching back to the mid 70’s.  But none of the   models from the current website providers are consistent from one vendor to another.  Some may look like the same from a side photo but are off as little as an inch in spacing, and thus remain what Blockader call orphans.  Meaning, they have no history, and reorders are likely not to be the same.

Companies come in and out of business selling steel barriers all the time.   Not one ever got rich with this product.  That is why the Tamis Corporation is multi divisional, providing a wide range of products.

Dozens of American businesses have gotten stung trying to buy direct from China, both initially, and in reorders.  Blockader has been working with select vendors in China since 1998. Just like Apple, we know our vendors and can supply consistently well made and solid value for every frame we offer.

Take a few minutes and go over the list of what is available.  If it fits your needs, buy it immediately.

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