Efficiently pushes 8 to 10 crowd control barricades


Move small quantities of barriers faster –

one person can push eight on a cart, rather than moving one barrier at a time!


Save time and labor costs by transporting barriers with this portable push cart.

  • Cart made of heavy-duty, hot-dip galvanized steel to withstand abuse (much longer life-span than carts which are only zinc-plated or painted)
  • Width of less than 48″ wide allows easy doorway clearance
  • Easy-access “T” supports for quick loading
  • Two rigid and two locking wheels for stability
  • Knocks down easily for long-term storage
  • Handles all standard steel barrier frames

Square stacking crowd control barriers can be attached 2 ways-traditional off set or square stacking


One or two people(by hand)
1 barrier at a time
Basic Push Cart
8 barriers at a time
Forklift alone
15 barriers at a time
1 Large Portable Cart
28 barriers at a time
2 Large Portable Carts
56 barriers at a time

Loaded crowd control barrier cart is steered manually from behind by one person