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Are you buying disposable barriers?

You may not know it but the steel barriers you are buying may be what are known as disposable barriers.  Disposable barriers are steel barriers that are only designed to last less than two years.  They have a great price

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The Crowd Falls for Julia

Wrong hook styles on steel barriers

A scary moment involving actress Julia Roberts which occurred on the red carpet of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards on January 18th showed the importance of the proper set up of crowd control barricades. As Roberts walked toward a

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High Intensity Reflective Sheeting – The New Trend in Barrier Signage

As many organizations are finding out, an attractive sign is not very effective if it can’t be seen at night. In the past, the majority of signs for crowd control barriers were simply painted on or manufactured with low grade reflective sheeting

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Nascar: Safety Enhancements to Speedways

What started as the weekend die-hard Nascar fans wait all year for, quickly turned into a scary and eye-opening incident that the sport will not soon forget. On the final lap of a Nationwide Series race, a 12 car pileup

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PVC Coated Barricades: A Hazard From Start to Finish

Polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC) is one of the most widely used plastics in production today. However, this material is proven to have a profound negative impact on human health and the environment. In fact, PVC is hazardous throughout its entire

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Hot Dip Galvanized Barriers – Long Life Span, Good Investment

To ensure that any crowd control barriers you purchase will have a long-life span, make sure they are hot-dip galvanized. Barriers that are only painted, rather than hot-dip galvanized, will begin to rust quickly.  And rust is most frequently seen

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Barricade Jackets in Style

Introduction Steel crowd control barriers accessorized with vinyl jackets are becoming an increasingly common sight at venues and events nationwide.  When they feature jackets (also sometimes called covers), crowd control barriers not only serve their practical purpose, but also function

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How To Select Crowd Control Barrier Bases

Introduction The most vulnerable part of a steel barricade is its bases.  The wear and tear caused by the use and movement of a steel barrier will most often become evident in damage to the bases. To minimize the risk

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Why your crowd control barricades should be hot dip galvanized

barricades being hot dipped galvanized

As crowd control barricades are frequently used in outdoor settings, concern about their ability to withstand rain and cold and remain rust-free is a significant factor when events or venues are evaluating a purchase of this crowd management tool. These

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The Interlocking Barrier Principle: Making a better line

The original concept for interlocking steel barriers was patented in France in the early 1950s and produced by Samia SA. Initial steel barriers with simple straight hooks (essentially metal hooks that connected to a receiver at a 45 degree angle)

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